Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dogs and ducks and people-watching (baby’s eye view)

Last Friday mom took me to the park near us because it was sunny. She’s got this new favorite word “keepiton!” that she especially uses when I’ve got my sunglasses or cap on. But I say if my hands go up there, why not use them. We sat down on the grass and just watched folks go by. A girl rode by on her bike. And hey, there she was again and again. I think she was turning around just to see me. I touched the grass a bit and stared at the nice grandma type who stopped to look at me, too. Then mom took me to see the Ducks. I was in my stroller and this Boy came up to me and started talking. I couldn’t understand him though ‘cause he must speak another type of baby-talk. He had nice brown eyes and his mom called him Cyrille. So I started to tell him my name, ZjuZju, but I’m still working on the sound. Then this funny little dog tried to chase the ducks.

Speaking of dogs, every morning mom shows me my stuffed one and I practice that sound, “daw”. It seems to make her happy. She also likes it when I clap my hands. It’s some new thing she’s teaching me. She says “yeah!” and then I’m supposed to clap. I do it too for that little teapot song of hers. But there’s something about a handle and spout I’m supposed to do, too. We’re working on it.

Most of the time things are fine and dandy, but I need to show her the rules of the game sometimes. Like when she tries to put me back in my playpen I need to cry out and kick my legs for a while so she knows who’s boss. Or just whenever I feel like it lately, a little crying and I arch my back a bit. She usually starts saying something like “no, ma’am, I don’t think so” or “little girl, you can catch more flies with honey.” I don’t want to catch any flies though, so that’s silly.

That’s ok, though. I know that raising a parent takes time and patience. I’ll keep you posted.


Jessamyn said...

Hey JuJu,

I say the same thing as your mom when I see a girl not doing what she's supposed to. "No ma'am, I don't think so." We must have gotten that from Mamee Lin. But I'm sure you won't hear that when you visit... cause you'll be an angel won't you. See you soon.

Lindle said...

Dear Juliette-

I think your observations are "spot-on" about your mummy. You must be patient with her--she's a stubborn sort who doesn't give in easily. Watch out when you ask her a question and she says, "Maybe...," because your idea is toast!
You might want to rethink the back-arching, unless you are practicing some baby yoga--she may just clap and say "Yeah!" to let you know she's proud of your strengthening back muscles. I would go with the "bulla, blulla, daw, pa pa." And throw in a "mumumumummm," and she will melt before your eyes.
Love you-