Monday, February 16, 2009

Mechanically inclined (or not)

My husband has been working on this second-hand potting machine for about a month now. I think I could count the times he’s gotten home before 8 p.m. on one hand. I say it’s his mistress, Javo the Hut. That’s because he often would come home and watch demonstrational videos for a similar type machine on the Internet and the brand is Javo. I know the machine is vitally important for their business. It can put soil in pots, make the hole for the “baby” plant to go in, stock the finished pots on a table and now conveyor belt. I do admire my husband’s knowledge of mechanics and electricity (the latter of which is totally beyond me). But seeing so very little of him is getting quite old.

I, on the other hand, should probably be banned from touching any electrical appliances after last Saturday’s incident with the baby food processor. This was supposed to help me save money, by making my own baby food from time to time I wouldn’t buy as much of the industrial stuff. And it is better for baby. But I didn’t always respect the MAX line for the level of ingredients to put in. Result: some water got in the motor. And after chiding by making a humming sound for a few days, a bit more water must have gotten in there and mini-POW, SPARK and PUFF! No more electricity in the kitchen. I figured it was just the circuit breaker and reset it. But nothing was working. Even the phone and computer were out. For about ten minutes I panicked and even starting crying, thinking I’d totally burned all my appliances and wondering if my insurance would pay for this. Then I looked again at the electrical box in the hall and noticed the switches in the kitchen and living room were down. So I pushed them back up and PHEW, my appliances still work. Except for the baby mixer…

So much for saving money with that thing. Having to buy a second one has put a dent in that plan.


Chad said...

Here is what you need to know about those machines. The big secret is they run on smoke. When the smoke gets out, they stop working. Now you know. :)

Crystal said...

making your own baby food eh? how martha stewart of you! although the organic baby food you can buy in the supermarkets doesnt seem to be so bad (or full of evil preservatives)..but what the hell do i know? I don't have a kid :p

P.S. Javo the Hut....good one :)

Lindle said...

uh...yeah! I second Crystal's idea on the organic baby food available now. Either that, or learn to respect the machine's instructions. We always think we can push the envelope, don't we?
At least it wasn't like you spilled coffee on an appliance at work and short-circuited the whole office...wait, that sounds familiar...hmmmmm