Saturday, April 5, 2008

Chocolate Wisdom

I think we should do what these Dove wrappers say. I got this one on Monday from my little milk chocolate piece (lovingly exported by mom). It's nice to get advice like that. I've had a relatively busy week, and I'm starting to feel the fatigue. It could also be a bit of the pregnancy fatigue, but who knows. I don't know what you guys are like, but sometimes I have a million things I need or want to do and I float from one to the other without really doing one thing very well. Instead of writing this blog message I should probably be doing my US taxes (even though I'm exempt it seems I have to fill out the form anyway), ironing, cleaning the bathroom sink, dusting, cooking, reading. Of course, most Sundays are shot for the moment if I want to spend any time with hubby. The greenhouse is open and it's the high season, so he won't be staying home till, oh, July. So I often go there Sundays and piddle. Which means I can't piddle/clean/relax (!) in the apartment. So I've got to cram these apartment activities into Saturday.
Chat-chat continues to wake us at ungodly hours. Yesterday he helped himself to the piece of toast smeared with paté that I'd prepared to go with my pasta and tomato sauce lunch. Turned my back one second and the toast was on the floor. I didn't fight him for it. Let him finish it on the balcony in the spring sun. But I guess it was too rich for him cause it didn't stay in his stomach long. That's what he gets for stealing.
In other news, last week I met our future babysitter (or nounou, as the French say familiarly). We're quite lucky in our city that there's a system for residents where they can get in contact with state approved sitters. The prices are then calculated based on your income, and frankly it's not bad compared to what some folks pay. This lady keeps a few toddlers in her home and can walk to the center a few times a week for organized activities or a monthly visit with the pediatrician. She said she asks the kids (and the parents) to call her Tata Marie (Aunt Marie). Of course it would be nice to stay home longer than the government maternity leave (which is already generous compared to US standards: six weeks before delivery, ten after). But unless I win the Euromillions lottery, I think that will be tough. At least I know bébé will be in good hands.
So, until my next blog, my advice to everybody is: eat more chocolate.

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Crystal said...

that nounou service sounds really interesting...If I had to leave my bébé with someone, I'd definitely want him or her to be state-approved! When are you leaving work to start your maternity leave?