Saturday, April 26, 2008


I hate 5:53 a.m. Why does my body (or the cat) wake me seven minutes before the alarm is supposed to go off? If I’m lucky I doze back a bit and when six rolls around I have the fleeting impression that I snuck in an extra half hour. This past week I had to set that alarm every day, though not always for that early. It was tougher than usual since the week before that I had a whopping 7 and a half hours of work, and now triple that. Glad that I took advantage of the slow week to catch up (a bit) on paperwork and relaxation. There were three days where I had virtually nothing (unless you count a thirty-minute telephone lesson). At first I was fairly organized with my time, but I soon fell into an anarchic state of sleep/wake/check email/clean/try to work on something. There’s a reason this is called the lazy girl’s blog, you see. Then the day I actually did have hours I found that I was much more productive when I got home. So I guess I do need some structure and activity after all.

The husband and I took a nice walk last Sunday. He decided to stay home again, and he picked a lovely day to do so since the weather was really picture perfect. Intense blue sky and little clouds, just the right temperature where you don’t really need a jacket but aren’t scorched either. We’ve got another nice day today, but he’s working. I’ll try to take a walk into the center of town and bask in the spring weather. We never know when it will change around here, anyway.

Baby must be feeling the spring fever, too, cause she’s kicking up right nicely. That or she’s gonna be the next girl David Beckham. I better sign her up for soccer for infants. All of a sudden I really can’t hide the belly. I’m still a bit self-conscious about it, but I know it’s normal to start swelling up like that. The cashier at the supermarket told me I could have used the checkout for expecting ladies. So that means it’s really noticeable. Thanks to mom and sis for these springy shirts that will accommodate the growing abdomen. They’re gonna come in handy now.

Hope you’re all having a nice spring day, too.

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