Saturday, March 29, 2008

The New Face of Evil

I'm starting to seriously think about acupuncture for Chat-chat. Speak of the devil, he just leapt into my lap, barely giving me enough time to get my plate of toast out of the way. Anyway, I saw a report on TV about acupuncture for animals. There was this cat who apparently had "accidents" and his owner took him for treatment. Now he only has an accident once a month or so and he's more relaxed. Apparently it does work. It was kind of funny actually cause the vet put the needle in then attached some little piece of cork to the free end and lit it. So it slowly burned and this brought energy into the target area. I was just hoping the fur didn't catch fire.

If I'm considering this (and for the record, I'm not really...), it's cause Chat-chat is getting on our nerves lately. He's a sweet cat but a little too energetic, and his only outlet is sometimes going on the balcony. So I suppose it's not surprising that he acts up a bit. But I'm starting to resent losing so much sleep because of a cat who is supposed to bring me comfort. We don't let him sleep with us, but sometimes he really wants to see us in the middle of the night. Or is it that he thinks he can get food at 4 a.m.? He's wrong about that. It's not just that he meows, but he also scratches at the door and jumps up to the push knob. The latter makes a very annoying clanging noise that you just can't ignore. My husband came up with a system (he always has a system!) to reduce this awful noise. He puts a tall suitcase in the hallway so the cat can't jump with enough force to make a loud noise. But it still wakes us anyway. Or sometimes he falls off the suitcase or knocks it over entirely.
Sometimes he gives up and leaves us alone till 6:30. You've got to give it to him. The cat can tell time. He's almost always there to wake us up at this time (or earlier). So we don't have to worry about a power outage and our alarm not going off. I just hope that Chat-chat is aware that this weekend we change to daylight savings and will reset his internal clock.
If you have any ideas about how we can retrain kitty, they are most welcome!


Crystal said...

hey there...funny post about the cat. I had no idea acupuncture even exists for pets, but I'd seriously consider it for my cat too. He's like 20 pounds of possessed energy every night starting at 3am until about 8am and wakes me up every time. If I lock him out of our room, he cries and scratches the door to hell but if I let him in, he makes these strange noises and runs around jumping off furniture and rolling around on the floor. I have a squirt gun that I use to shoo him away, but he always comes back minutes later...I'm so exhausted from getting so little sleep thanks to evil kitty it's not even, in short, I sympathize with you. You're not the only one wondering why sweet sleepy day kitty turns into evil, loud night kitty!!

How did you change the format of your blog? THe first few entries were on a different background but now it's changed...I want to do the same with mine, but I don't know how!

Have a nice weekend (I'm going to McDo now, lol. And the quality IS better in North America :)

Jalousie said...

Hey, I don't know if acupuncture works, but catnip might--lots of it. The best solution is to prevent the kitty from ever getting to the door. Barricade Chat chat in living room with a covered "spare" litter box that you can keep on the balcony during the day. Close off the doors that give him access to you guys. Sleep tight. You will have to break him of this habit before bebe comes for sure.
Mmmm McD french fries.