Thursday, May 19, 2016

Five ways Netflix can change your life

I know I am preaching to the choir here.  I know that most of you have had Netflix from the get-go, as well as Apple TV and throw in a little premium channels via AT&T or what-have-you.  But as you know I resisted jumping on the Netflix bandwagon for a while, mostly just in the interest of saving pennies.  Even streaming seemed out of bounds for me since our laptop is getting on in years.  And don't even think about dowloading, cause I think it would just make my computer explode (plus there are those pesky legal aspects).  Résultat: I am pretty behind on all movies and TV shows from the last decade and then some. 

But then there was that magical day my mom was visiting and we realized that you can watch Netflix on two screens.  And in minutes, we saw the happy red logo in that now familiar font appear on our very own TV!  We didn't know it then but our life was about to change in so many little and big ways.  You think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not.

1. And God said, let there be Netflix, and there was peace.  No sacrilege intended, but sometimes it seems like a God-given gift to be able to watch what you want, when you want.  Not to mention, there is actually less grumbling when it comes to choosing a program.  Instead of channel-surfing and then forgetting what seemed interesting, Remi and I look at each other after dinner and say, Breaking Bad or Misfits?  It is that simple.  Less fighting, less eye-rolling at his choice of yet another action film with "Ahh-nold" or Sly Stallone.  Or both in the same film.  Remi is probably glad he doesn't have to watch as many British period pieces as on those rare occasions I won the remote before. 

2. Family movie night just got easier. In the same way, when the weekend rolls around, our new habit is looking on Juliette's kid-friendly profile and choosing an animated film or a live-action family film.  Knowing it is on the family profile means it shouldn't have bad language or compromising situations that are tricky to explain to her.  Just don't stray from the family categories or you could wind up watching Butter with a seven-year old and having to explain why that stripper is dressed like that.

3. More interesting water cooler conversations.  Now I can finally talk about some of those shows out there everyone is buzzing about.  Except that, lo and behold, not everyone out there has seen them either.  But at least now I can potentially watch The Walking Dead or Orphan Black, one day, when I've caught up on my current series.

4. Examining gray areas, explaining the intricacies of character profiles.  Everyone's an armchair, or should I say, sofa psychiatrist now.  Spend a while binge-watching and you think you're inside the character's head.  It's a nice distraction from your own problems to wonder if it was really necessary for Walt to start making crystal meth.  Or to compare your parenting techniques to those on Modern Family and realize you're not doing so bad. 

5.  English-language version, it's good to have you back!  Ok, granted this is one expats will appreciate, but after watching a lot of dubbed movies and series, Netflix guarantees you the original language version for all those US and British shows.  No more hit and miss wondering if the French channel is offering that blockbuster in VO (version originale).  Music to my ears, finally.  And great for Juliette to work on her English vocab and Remi as well. 

So maybe Netflix isn't the most earth-shattering of products, but in its own way, it has made life a little easier and certainly more pleasant.  And I just don't think I could live without it now.  Don't even mention such a blasphemous thing in my house unless you want to get hit over the head with the remote!

PS: this post was not sponsored by Netflix, but they are welcome to pay me if they want.


I Say Oui said...

I remember the day Netflix became accessible in France-- one of my colleagues was so excited!

Tim Dudek said...

I have been a netflix user since way back in the day when they just mailed you dvds. Almost all my movie and tv watching is through netflix now. Enjoy

Lindle said...

With Netflix, and other similar streaming services, remote control by networks becomes direct consumer control. This certainly gives the viewing public more program choices,and also gives you control of your time. As a little TV addict growing up, I could never have believed I would see this in my lifetime, but I dreamed of being able to just press a button and watch a show I liked, when I liked it. (And in HD, with brilliant color!!! Wow!) We've come a long way from 2 channels and aluminum foil wrapped around the antenna that you spent at least ten minutes positioning for a signal. Now I am ready for the 3-D virtual projection holograms that will place me right IN the show!

Over here in the US, I love that I can get British mystery/detective series that are unlikely to become available on regular cable channels. I love that I have control over the when and what I am choosing to watch. I love the variety. I am glad to have access to programs that regular networks cancelled after only giving them a one-two shot, but that are quite good. The danger is thinking that you have to sample it all!
So glad it has brought some peace and fun entertainment into your family. And it's really cute how Juliette has her own viewing profile!

Holly Hollyson @ Full of Beans and Sausages said...

I don't know what I would have done without Netflix these past weeks. It has provided me a distraction when nothing else could!! I think I have probably watched everything on there though at this point!