Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Embracing your inner Pop Princess

Sometimes I'm unabashedly pop.  I like all kinds of music, from folk to country to a bit of old-school rap and classical.  But I always come back to pop/rock.  And sometimes a little Selena Gomez and Britney to sing-along to and make up your own ridiculous videos to in your head is just plain fun.  I regularly croon along to old Cibo Matto songs in my car, the English-Japanese pop from the late 90s.  Or I get cathartic with pseudo bad girl Katy Perry when I sing along to Roar.

Pop is changing though, getting mellow and deeper, sometimes, so I sing along with the earthy and ethereal Lorde on Royals.  Or those dippers and downers with the lovely Broken Bells songs.  Then there is the French artist Calogero who sings about more serious subjects. In his newest one he tells the true story of a young guy being killed in his neighborhood basically for looking at someone the wrong way.  

There is indeed some fine and fun French pop out there, too.  Check out the Frenglish in this R&B tune by French singer Indila.  Can you spot the English words? 

Or the funnily named Cats on Trees, with their slightly melancholy Sirens Call.

Maybe music purists would snub their noses at some of these songs.  Maybe in a few years I'll wonder what I saw (or heard) in these songs.  But if they perk me up on a Monday drive into work or on a grey autumn day, then where's the harm?  In fact, they nourish the soul, get me moving and humming.  So it's all good!

What is your musical weakness that you might not always admit to everyone?


Jenenz said...

I still enjoy a little "SOS" or "Take a Chance on Me" by ABBA.

Lindle said...

Though Bowie didn't realize it, his Pop ventures with "Modern Love," and "Let's Dance" are classics to me.
I agree with Jenenz, ABBA is always a guilty pleasure. I confess to enjoying some vintage Backstreet Boys, and now that Taylor Swift tune, "Shake It Off" is getting to me. Arghhh. But, they are tunes that make you dance and forget about the blues.
I enjoyed the clip you put in this post too. New favorites!