Wednesday, May 15, 2013

When I grow old

I would have said when I grow up, but I guess at 39 I already am grown up.  On the outside, at least.  Today I was in the pharmacy and heard a woman asking the pharmacist for directions.  I detected a slight accent and the way she'd say "OK" to confirm what the man said made me think she was an English speaker.  I left the store before her but waited a second or two outside to say hello as she came out (stalking, again, I know!).  In French I asked her what languages she spoke and when she said English and that she was American I told her I'd thought so! 

She had a youthful face with just a few laugh lines around the eyes, pleasant features and a nice neutral US accent.  Perhaps she was in her 50s but only her mid-length grey hair gave it away.  She was staying in France for 8 weeks and spoke nearly perfect French.  She would end up in Toulouse (the bottom of France) whereas my town is in the top.  She had a nice camera with her and was off to take pictures in our local fine arts museum.

And as I continued on my way on this nippy but sunny May morning, I had the strongest urge to follow her on her adventure or have ones like that myself.  Just calmly travelling along and snapping pictures.  It would be a nice way to retire.

And so as I continued my errands this Wednesday morning (still not much work this week), I made use of my smartphone to take some pictures around town.  My little mini-tour.

Hidden treasures: this glowing yellow courtyard behind imposing blue doors.

A closer look.

I staged this cobblestone picture with my foot.  But the dirty reality is that there is a cigarette butt in the picture.  And reality it is.  France even recently talked about tackling this problem because it's really polluting the soil and water table.

Rooftops and blue skies.

A cozy courtyard.

He's got his head in the clouds.

Now that's an inviting entry way!  Love wisteria, love blue doors.

Would love to bury my head in this flower bed of white myositis (I think) and tulips.

Hope you've enjoyed this little trip.  May you satisfy the wanderlust in your hearts today, be it on the other side of the world or in your own backyard.


Chad said...

Always nice to take a moment and be a tourist in your own town. I try to do that from time to time myself.

Lindle said...

Beautiful pictures. Serene moments.

Michelle said...

great photos, what a lovely idea and what a nice place you live in!

Den nation said...

I was just wondering if you lived in the Picardie region? I have this feeling that I saw this somewhere on your blog. The pictures look great; I've always wondered what was "up there"!

Have you lived anywhere else in France?

Crystal said...

Lovely pics! Taking photos around where I live is a hobby. It makes me feel more at home.

I daresay some of your shots make me miss le noooord!