Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Life goes on

I try to be the kind of person who keeps things in perspective, as you've seen from my blog before.  But like everybody, I can get bogged down in the details and thinking about what I don't have instead of what I have. 

So I'll just take a moment to go into bummer mode but then I'll pick myself back up again.  As you may remember from a while back, there was talk of us getting a house.  I didn't want to put a picture up because I didn't want to jinx things. Turns out that didn't really matter 'cause last week we learned the house deal didn't go through, 'cause the bank was skittish about Remi's company having some professional loans at the same time.  It's kind of a bummer because part of me had already projected us in the house and enjoying a garden.

But oh well.  There are definitely bigger tragedies out there.   I just had to turn on the news this week to see people who lost their homes in Oklahoma, or worse, lost family members. 

I will turn to new dreams, travelling, making my current home cozy and flowery.  And things will be ok. 

When I was a young teen my mom rented a movie called My Life as a Dog (watch out for some nudity in the trailer).  It was Swedish before Swedish was cool.  It was about a little boy missing his family and constantly saying, "it could be worse.  I could be that dog stuck up in a satellite who'll never come back to earth."  The quote became something of a catchphrase in our house, even to this day.  And it really should sum up things about life on earth. 

It could be worse, so cherish what you have.  Every day.  The little things like the warmth of the sun on your arm after days of rain.  Or seeing fuzzy ducklings at the pond.  Or my little girl's hugs. 

What are your standbys when life gets you down?


Den nation said...

I remember when I was a teenager my mom's friend's son died. He loved cars and racing (he was a mechanic)and he was race care driving when he had a heart attack just after winning the race, crashed the car and died. His father was watching in the stands the entire time. He was 30.

I remember going to his funeral and thinking how horrible that he was in the prime of his life and how tragic his death was.

Whenever the going gets tough, I think of him or other young people who have died and it really puts things into perspective. Sometimes I feel so ungrateful, but thinking about him reminds him how lucky I am to be alive.

Crystal said...

I'm sorry about the house :( I hope you are able to find another one some day soon.

When things don't work out the way I want, I try to remember that there are a lot of people much worse off than me. I'm trying to just be content with what I have.

Emmy said...

I'm trying also to remember what I do have today. The news in London and almighty shiteness with my work just makes me happy to have dinner with j tonight (before he sods off to Tennis!)

I thought about you when I heard about the twister. Awful scenes. Tragic. Much love x x

Lindle said...

My standbys are Milam, Jessamyn, and Juliette. Always. If they are okay, then I'm good. Life is very good with them in it.