Friday, December 23, 2011


I've been waiting for this date for so long! A whole week off, after nearly four intense months of school, punctuated by just two days off in November. The only thing is I'm afraid I won't take advantage of my time, that it will go by too fast, that I won't be rested enough for all that's to come after my break...

Whoah, there horsies... let's take a deep breath and try to enjoy this week instead of fretting about the post-break work. I'd like to be that care-free kind of person. The only thing is I know we've got an exam coming up the week we get back then two more in the weeks after that. I'll have to do some studying but I must vow not to go overboard. Maybe I should make a to-do list with fun and relaxing stuff that I also need to do. So, here we go:
  • take naps
  • bake cookies
  • play with Juliette
  • take walks
  • watch movies
  • sleep past six a.m.
  • get apartment organized (oops, that sounds a bit like work); let's change that to "light cleaning"
  • call family and catch up on their fun holiday plans...
Yep, it's gonna be hard for me this year compared to last when I spent a glorious three weeks state-side. I keep getting that flood of holiday memories of all the fun things we did last year, imagining the tastes and sights and sounds of America. I'm missing home and homeland something awful but I guess I've got plenty of distractions here with school. And it does get a little easier to spend Christmas in France now that Juliette is here.

She's much more aware of the holiday season this year. She still doesn't like Santa. Apparently she cried when he came to her school last week. And same reaction when we saw him at the supermarket giving out candy. When I ask her what she wants him to bring her, she just says, "no". When I tell her to look at the TV cause Santa's on, she says "no".

She hasn't been hastling us too much about opening presents but she occasionally asks about them. For now she's more into the box (typical!) that aunt Jessy's presents came in, and popping the bubble wrap.

Catki likes it, too. Ooh, scary cat eyes.

Here she is answering questions about the tree and decorations:

So, merry Christmas to you, dear readers, and let's all try to get some rest this holiday season.


Anonymous said...

wow, i'm very impressed with your youtube editting skills!! how'd you do the comments thing?

Here's to good holidays and sleeping in past 6am! hope it goes to plan!

Jenenz said...

Happy holidays! It's hard to slow down when you've been rushing with school and life. I hope you have a restful and enjoyable week off. And I hope Santa is good to you.

I am too with Team Juliette. I didn't like Santa when I was a child. At least she has the evil cat eyes sitting next to her.

Lindle said...

Love the video. Her voice shows how excited she is about the season. I know she is "feeling" it more this year than last.

Hope her excitement is catching all around!

Crystal said...

Happy holidays!! Looks like a fun time.

I'm commenting because I can't remember if I've already done so on this post (and you just haven't approved it and posted it yet...)

So, if I've already commented, I'm sorry. If not, love the photos and the video and I want to know how you added the text to it too!

Mil said...

Emmy and Crystal: I used Windows Movie Maker to add the text. It's not too hard but you have to position your text at the right moment using the cursor. If you want more advice, let me know. Don't recall seeing a post from you Crystal, but I'll check. I am getting flighty in my old age!