Sunday, October 16, 2011

What's going on

Time for an update on my last two weeks:

Ever had that exam nightmare where you were late? In my case it wasn't a nightmare but I seriously thought about pinching myself to make myself wake up. My normal route to school had a roadblock for some reason I still don't know. And I wasn't quite sure how to get around it and ended up getting monumentally lost. On the morning of my statistics exam which was supposed to be at 8:05. Can you say panic? I made it 30 minutes late only to find that my classmates weren't in the regular room. I frantically searched and asked admin folks where they might be and finally found them. Luckily the professor let me in and even gave me extra time to finish. Verdict's still out on the test which we all found rather tricky. Will get the grade in November.

While we're on the subject of tests, you must mark everything in ink. Even math tests! You can have your scrap paper but must transfer the official answers to the real test and in ink. Here again the professor was kind to me, knowing I'm not always aware of the school procedures in France, but he said next time write it all in ink. It's kind of security measure so the student can't later claim their pencilled-in answers were smudged or changed, he said.

School has had its ups and downs. Though some days I feel really on my game and congratulate myself for getting an in-class exercise right, other times I'm lost or not concentrating. Overall things are going ok, and I continue to enjoy most of what I'm learning. I'm still glad I did this and now when I hear of another person thinking about going back to school, I encourage them wholeheartedly. Even fictional characters like Allison Dubois on Medium*, contemplating going back to law school. I say, go, girl, you can do it, it'll be tough, but you'll get there.

But I'm a bit disappointed sometimes in the immaturity of my classmates. Granted, most are much younger than me. Maybe their immaturity is rubbing off on me, in fact. I don't know why I get involved in their silly games sometimes and get bent out of shape or feel like defending people when there is maybe some injustice going on. Maybe I'm more like Lynette on Desperate Housewives** than I think. Then in the end I decide neutrality is the best way to go. The others in the class say I'm the "momma" because I seem to try and take care of them. But I'm doing this thing for myself, not to get lost in interpersonal dramas.

Speaking of momma-ness, that's been hard-going too. Or rather, a week ago it was, but this week's been better. Juliette had some amazingly long and hard tantrums a week ago and I seriously felt exhausted by school and then her antics. I felt like I was losing it. Luckily this week every evening she was sweet and cuddly, with some of the usual whininess, but nothing like that one day she practically wouldn't let me put her in the carseat. I've spent lots of good quality time with her this weekend. Stayed at home today, Sunday, because of my head cold, while Remi hauled in mums for All Saints' Day which is approaching. I know not all my Sundays will be like this, so I'm enjoying it, lazy afternoon naps and baking to boot! So until next time, hope you all are having some lovely fall weekends. Know I'm thinking of you all even if I don't email or read your blogs as much as I used to. Air kisses to you all.

*Ah, Medium. Finally getting the last season, and in English. And can I just say- Joe Dubois?! So, yes, you know, husband of the year, and indescribably yummy in his sleepware...
**And people say my mom is a bit like Lynette, too, so maybe it's genetic. I've got more fire in me than I thought.


Crystal said...

Lol love the tv series references. I don't watch Medium, but every time I see a commercial come on TV for the upcoming episode, I think of you. And I love Lynette and would take it as a compliment if someone compared me to her!

I would have been totally stressed too being late for a test. I'm that person who arrives 15 minutes early for anything and everything. Sounds like you've got some very understanding professors though and that's really awesome.

Glad to hear you are hanging in there and while Juliette might be a little difficult at times, you'll get through it. As you said, you have more fire in you than you think ;)

Lindle said...

Does your husband read your blog? He might get jealous over the Joe DuBois references, girl! (I agree---Joe's a hunky husband-best-dad-ever).
Well, think of that road-blocked test this way: You have HAD the nightmare come to life and survived. You didn't evaporate into a million pieces--humans can be kind. I remember my stats test in college where I "locked up" and couldn't think of the formulas for a problem. The professor gave me some extra time too, and I passed just fine. I wish that for you.

And Juliette is going through changes too--lots all at once. She has the right to be out of sorts and express her frustration, and that's how little ones do it.
Yes,you are a red-headed Taurean--much more stubborn and fire-forged than you know. Brush the little things away--they are just gnats in your eyes.

Oneika said...

It's all about balance and it seems as though you are managing just fine! I agree that it doesn't make sense to get mixed up in the drama of others (especially those who are being immature)- no reason for you to take on anyone else's stress!

Jessamyn said...

Don't worry - I'm the "mom" too. My college friends all called me that and even now my student employees think of me that way - no matter how hard I try to be just their friend. Nope, I'm the mom. I start giving advice about classes, or friend drama without even realizing it. I guess you and I learned from a pretty amazing mom :)