Sunday, September 25, 2011

September is...

September is watching the vines start to turn red (and getting a bit blue that chilly fall's around the corner).

September is trying to appreciate my new surroundings at school (since I have to spend more than eight hours a day there anyway) and walking up three flights of stairs to my classroom. (By the way, I did sign up for P.E., and badminton it is. I'm still as bad as I used to be, but hopefully I'll get an A for effort?!)

And adapting to bathrooms that are both for men and women. You can see that the sign is for Monsieur et Madame. I hate having to avert my head in case a guy is using a urinal. And sometimes I dream of installing those Japanese style toilets that make a white noise to mask any user noises.

September is getting used to the school routine for Juliette, too. And making the most of my evening time with her. It still stays light till about eight. Here she is looking too precious in the red sailor dress her French grandma brought her back from vacation.

September is the first strike at Juliette's school. Three weeks into the school year and we get a pink flyer telling us next Tuesday all three of the teachers at her pre-school are heeding the "call to strike" because teaching jobs are to be cut according to the federal budget. Let's hope this strike thing isn't going to last too long. Luckily Remi's mom can watch her this time.

And September is realizing that this school thing is very time-consuming and often bad-mood-inducing for me. Lack of sleep, lack of family time compared to what I used to have. And the realization that this is just the beginning!


Amber said...

You can do it!!

Love that picture. She is such a little doll!

Crystal said...

I don't think I'll ever get used to unisex bathrooms in France. Most of the time I just try to avoid going to the restroom in any public place in the event I'm faced with a urinal situation.

Max and I were watching the news earlier and heard about the upcoming strike. They sure don't waste any time jumping back into it after la rentrée eh? I'm glad you found a solution for Juliette this time, but unfortunately I think many more strikes to deal with are in your future!

Going to school full-time is going to test you - physically and mentally- but all the things that are worth doing usually do. Hang in there and steal a few minutes of sleep when you can!

Anonymous said...

Courage Mil! now that we're thinking of you! Juliette's hair has grown so much! and she's beaming!

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot about the unisex bathrooms in France, i thought I had walked into the mens' the first time it happened.

September in Australia means Hay-fever...I like your September much better :)

Jessamyn said...

May I just say as Milam's sister who lives so far away, that I am so glad she has supportive friends who are closer. Thanks guys!

And yes Milam, you can do this! Remember why you're doing it - and know that we are proud of you for doing what you must to help your family in the long run.

And I think it's time for more attempts at pig-tails on JuJu's head.

Lindle said...

You will certainly get your exercise with those stairs! Who needs badminton?!
I love the red leaves on the vine--I've not seen that here.
And of course, Juliette is as precious as ever. Let's hope she's letting you do a little studying, but you know she's much more important.

Deidre said...

Um...WHAT? you can't have urinals in a unisex bathroom! THAT IS JUST NOT RIGHT. NOT RIGHT I SAY.