Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...Siberia?

Well, not today actually. Now most of the snow has melted and been replaced by a monotonous rain. But we had a good bit of white stuff this week, including a rather blustery snowfall yesterday. Juliette enjoyed thrashing about in it, but of course I was there to remind her not to get her gloves soggy.

Of course we snapped a few photos:

And we're getting into the Christmas spirit. Today is Saint Nicholas' Day, something celebrated in countries like Belgium, Holland and Germany. Since my mom spent a few years of her childhood in Germany, it's a tradition she gave to our family. So as Juliette has been a fairly good child, St. Nick put some candy in the boots that we left out last night.

We've decorated half of our dining table as the Christmas corner, complete with tabletop tree and mini snow globe and cowboy snowman and Santa. We didn't go all out with a real tree since we'll be leaving in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS FOR THE US. Juliette refers to Santa as "(s)tannah claw". We'll see how she reacts to the real thing next week at the day care Christmas show. This will be our third and last year to go to this event as next Christmas she'll be in official pre-school.

Still lots to do before we take that big plane to America. And once we get there we'll just be happy to see family and friends. And do everything. And nothing at all. Still a bit hard to believe I'm going back after a year and a half. I'm afraid it will go by too fast, but that just means I'll try to enjoy every minute of it.


Anonymous said...

it's a bit early to say but 'have a great time in the US'.

Juliette looks like she's studying the chocolate santa with care. Has it lasted the day?

Chad said...

We used to celebrate St Nicholas Day at my elementary school. Had no idea till I got to high school that not everyone did that.

Jessamyn said...

Love St Nicholas Day! Juliette looks like she's enjoying her goodies. I won't ever forget my freshman year of college, mom sent me a package in the mail that had an old slipper of mine filled with chocolate!

Deidre said...

Look at that snow! So pretty!

Lindle said...

Everything is new to her. Each time. I love seeing her discover and squeal and run with abandon. We all used to be like that, remember? That's what children are for--so that we will remember and play again with them.
Can't wait to see you. But let's hope we don't have ice and snow for a while!