Friday, September 10, 2010

Move over, Mariah

Here's the newest singing sensation from this side of the Atlantic. JuJu, the Franco-American toddler sings her medley of English and French nursery rhymes. But don't ask her to come back for an encore. She's got some coloring to do and she might make that whiny sound.

So did you catch those tunes? A little "Are you sleeping?" and "Bateau," a French one she learned at day care. She starts in on "Dansons la capucine" also there. Then "Twinkle, Twinkle", and "Itsy bitsy spider" which turns into "Tourner moulin", one where you also make some hand movements. These are the moments that make being a mom all worth-while!


Jenenz said...

Move over Lady Gaga, your 15 minutes of fame are up. JuJu is here and she's rockin' the house!

Lindle said...

I see a D-I-V-A in the making! Attitude, talent, daring fashion statements (what a hat!)clever song-mashing, and a demanding personality! "Where are her people? Where are her roses? Where is her favorite toy?"
The JuJu wants it NOW!

Crystal said...

precious! She is just so adorable in her little hat and I can't believe how well she can speak now (compared to when I saw her last...almost a year ago in December...)

Love the videos :) (which I can watch for the moment if I cart my laptop over to my work and use their ethernet cable!)