Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer in bloom

Before launching into the theme of my post, thanks to all those who commented so kindly on my last post. I suppose I was really needing a bit of advice/sympathy, and it helped me to know I wasn't the only one feeling those pangs of homesickness and worry about the future. I guess there are just going to be moments when it's tough, and you try to refocus and find reasons to keep on going. And as I've read on some other expat blogs lately, focusing on your next trip home or good things and plans in your adopted country can help with that.

So way back when I mentioned doing some photo-themed posts. And as summer only has a month to go (and judging by today's weather, sort of ominous clouds, maybe it's over!), I better post now before the title is out of date. So here are some photos fleuries (flowery photographs) from my summer travels and from around my own town:

Roses in Etrétat, Normandy.

Geraniums in Honfleur, Normandy.

Hydrangeas in an overgrown garden in Le Crotoy, bay town of Picardie.

And growing in funny places in Dover.

Oh, and how'd a baby picture get in there? Oh, but there are flowers hanging over the rail! Taken in St. Valéry sur Somme.

One of the shady houses in my favorite courtyards in my own town.

Hopefully there will be some more sunny days before big bad autumn sets in so we can enjoy these flowers a bit longer. "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may..."


Jenenz said...

Beautiful flowers and lovely photos (especially you and Juju).

Lindle said...

So lovely. I can just imagine standing outside those places and breathing that crisp northern French air! I wish there were more places like that in America.