Saturday, May 15, 2010

The littlest BEP

Dear Fergie and the gang,

I sent you my first audition tape a while back where I bopped along to I gotta feeling. But I guess you all are busy so you haven't gotten back to me. But I think you're really gone love my newest video. Here you can see me singing and dancing along to Rock that Bolly. At leat I think those are the words. Then there's that part about "Ima ima" that is really nice, too. FYI, my schedule is pretty much open, so I could go on tour with you if you're looking for back-up singers.

Keep it cool, JuJu


Lindle said...

Whoa! Juliette, You have some genuine Bollywood moves there, with the swirling and step-ball-change thing going on! And all while you are simultaneously holding your precious toys and carrying on harmony backup. I think BEP needs to be knocking on your door right now. It's their loss if they don't. Don't worry, you can start your own band before long. "I-ma I-ma" sounds like a good name for your bebe band too.
Love you, little diva,

Jessamyn said...

Yeah, I agree. There is definitely some shuffle or step-ball-change happening there. And I love the break down in the middle where you stick your tongue out. Way to identify with the music JuJu - keep "rocking your bolly."