Saturday, May 29, 2010

The girliest post ever

Calling all girls. Or metrosexual men who actually use skin care products. I'm about to run out of my supermarket-bought Nivea night cream and I think it's time for me to invest in a new skin care regime. My face just doesn't seem to have the elasticity of those younger days now that I'm 36! Despite religious use of my Laroche Posay sunscreen, I can tell that stress and fatigue are catching up with me.

Back in March I went for a facial, kindly paid for by my husband as his Valentine's Day present to me. (Yes, I know! He's become quite the expert gift-giver under my tutelage.) I was treated to an hour and a half of skin pampering. One cream after another, eyebrow reshaping (that was extra), blackhead removal with a specialized tool, steaming, masking, massaging. I lost count of how many products she used on my skin. But it did feel softer after all that pampering. And even though my eyebrows stayed reddish and stingy for a while, I might have even looked a little less tired.

At the end of the facial when I was stuck in the chair with a heavy mask on my face, the lady, who was also the shop owner, asked if I minded responding to a little survey. What could I say as I was not going anywhere anyway. So she asked me all sorts of questions about what products I used to clean my skin, take off my make-up, anti-wrinkle cream, foundation. I could see where she was going with all this but I kept responding in all honesty and feeling quite "naked" about my hodge-podge regime. One product from the pharmacy, another from the supermarket, barely anything in the same range. So it was no surprise that she told me it might be good to think about using one product line and that spending about 40 euros a month on your skin products was reasonable. Hmm. What do you gals think?

So send me your beauty secrets or favorite product lines. I've got some birthday money to spend, and this could be a good purchase to really take care of me.

PS: I'm hoping to find something without paraben as the media says this is yet another cancerous thing. It's in most of my stuff already so I've probably had quite a bit of exposure thus far.


Crystal said...

Hi Mil,

I really like Clarins products which can be found at Sephora (and perhaps the pharmacy...never looked). Also the Avène line they carry in the pharmacy has some really great stuff for sensitive skin and has all the products one would need (toner, creams, etc). I'm pretty sure it's paraben free, but you can always ask. Since the people at the pharmacy are a little less pushy and scary than the girls at Yves Rocher or Sephora, I'd ask their opinion about what kind of products they recommend for your age and skin type.

I just got back from home and brought back lots of neutrogena and Aveeno products which I love but cannot often find in France...

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Dear Milam,
As for me in hopes of morphing into Cindy Crawford the model, I have been using her product line called "Meaningful Beauty" for the past 2 years. It's only mail order, can't buy it in the stores but I really like it. It's $100 an order BUT that lasts for 3 months. So you may want to look into that as it comes in less than $40 a month. It includes facial cleanser, toner, night cream, day cream, a mask and eye cream, pretty good huh! Check it out on the internet.

Love ,

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that it was developed by a French dermatologist who gets the secret ingredient from a melon that only grows in France!!!!

Way Cool!!!!

Sunny again

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