Friday, January 29, 2010

Eighteen months

I used to think it was funny how parents said their children were 21 months old. Why not just say nearly two? But now I see that there can be a world of difference between, say, fifteen and eighteen months in terms of development. More than that though, I suspect parents prefer to count in months to keep their children small, at least in their minds. Because it does indeed go by so fast!

Last week Juliette marked the eighteen-month milestone. She’s a walking, babbling little creature. I sometimes squat down to her size, tucking my knees under my chin, to see the world from her perspective. It would be fun to keep her at this mini-me size, but of course she must grow up and become a big girl.

She’s starting to understand us and if we say, “bring me my shoes”, she’ll go and get them happily (by this I’m not advocating child slavery). At Tata’s, she’ll do the same when she asks her in French to fetch the smaller baby’s shoes. If I ask her for a hug or kiss, she’ll (usually) do it.

All those toys she got at Christmas seem to keep her occupied only two seconds before she switches to another activity. And after the Ikea and toy catalogs, now it’s the Oprah magazines (thanks, Crystal) which really captivate her. The desperate cry for “baby, baby” means she wants us to sit with her and find the few ads with babies and animals in America’s favorite talk show host’s magazine. I’ve been able to read bits and pieces of articles in between the constant page turning. Her first crush may be on Dr. Phil at this rate.

Her vocabulary is growing fast these days, and I’m still tickled when she catches on to the English words. Since I last charted her progress, there are lots of new additions, including: ducky, doggy, stuck (well, it’s more like "tuck"), diaper, key, chee(se). She startled an old man at the grocery store by shouting at “chee” when were in that very aisle. There’s something resembling shopping, all done (all dumb), flower, up (which also means down for her), dirty, "la la" for light and probably a few others I’ve forgotten. You’ll hear a few on this video. Just yesterday she said her first “oh, la la” while the sitter and I were saying this famous French expression for some reason or another. Milk, however, is always the French baby word “lo-lo”. I guess there are some things I can’t change, at least not now.

So happy year and a half, little one. We’re so proud of you and we love you to pieces.


Anonymous said...

i love how she takes her bottle at the end and walks off like a woman on a mission!

Jenenz said...

Elmo, the most famous red fuzzy monster in the world. She sure loves her water. I see she's also reading now! The changes are amazing, they happen every day!

Crystal said...

wow it seems like she's saying a lot more than even just at Xmas when I was there. Glad she's (and you!) is enjoying the Oprah mags...maybe she'll add "O-pah!" to her lexicon :)

You seem to cherish every moment and every milestone with her and that's the mark of a very good Mom )

Danny said...

I love it Milam. I have been out and about for a time so did not see all the updates. It will only be a little over 2 months until I see you all. She will be 20 months by then and one her way to 2. Then it all changes very, very fast.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how awesome it is that JuJu can pick up a magazine at her age and know exactly how to turn the page? I knew she would be smart although she didn't get it from me!!!! How fun to watch her and listen to the things she learns daily.Thank you for all the precious videos.

Much love,