Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Things today's kids say that we never did

So old school now!
In an age where toddlers and tweens rack up debt from in-app purchases on their parents' iPads and phones, in an era where they think all screens should be tactile, it's no surprise their language has changed.  They easily master multiple interfaces, just like us, and throw techy words around as easily as they do cartoon superhero names.  They might not have their own Facebook accounts (thank God!), but they know how to "like" a post.  So, herewith a list of some the darndest things today's cuties say.

1. At breakfast (and before "good morning"): Can I watch something on your iPad?

2. Does grandma have Netflix?

3. Can you print me out something to color from the Internet?

4. Can I play on your phone?

5. Can you put this picture on Facebook?

6. Where's the "like a lot" button (on FB)?

7. What, only ten people "like" this photo of me?

8. Can I draw something (from a tutorial) on youtube?

9. Can I delete this photo?

10.  Before bedtime: Can I just play one more game on your phone/iPad?

Despite all the technology at their fingertips, there is still one thing they say that we did, too.  "I'm bored. I don't know what to do!"

Heaven help us when they become full-fledged teens!  What do your techy kids say often?


Anonymous said...

You know I don't post very often, do you? But this time...
SOOOOO TRUUUUUUE! How could you be so realistically just!!!!
Plein de bisous. Karine

Lindle said...

I heard a lady recently complain that her young niece wanted to read a book and couldn't understand why the page didn't turn when she swiped her finger across the paper. She thought it was a screen! She told her auntie, "Why won't the page turn?" Now, that's just sad.