Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thrift store junkie

Today I went off my diet.  My thrift store diet.  I was supposed to stop buying incredibly cheap clothes from the thrift store.  But I felt like poppin' some tags and I had twenty euros in my pocket, and no, wait, that's someone else. 

I probably have too many clothes.  I am also lucky to have some friends who think of me when they have clothes to give away.  And so my closet is really well-stocked.  But when you see deals this good, it's hard to resist. And I admit I like the "hunt" for my size or styles as I look among all the racks.  Sometimes I even have dreams where I discover clothes in my closet that I have never seen!

So since I had some time between lessons and before meeting my coworker for Chinese buffet (oops, wasn't I supposed to be saving money this month?!), I went to the thrift store.  And I found some nice deals.  So of course I decided to tell all of the Internet about it.  Special shout-out to my thriftstore junkie twin I've never met, Holly!  You inspired me to do this post I have actually been thinking of for a while.

So check out my finds:

Knee-boots and sequiny skirt!  

I was still working out the kinks on my timer on the camera. Better luck with this photo.
Cat photo bomb.
Ok, let's try this again with the artsy mirror effect. And you can actually see the shirt.
Just ignore all that crap behind me.

Close-up of the shirt.  Love polka dots and Peter Pan collars.
Thrift store selfie. 
And I can also pair it with this other great top I found.  Kind of a baby-doll dress. 
Again, ignore all the stuff behind me.  I'll clean up later.
When Juliette came home I asked her to take some pictures too, and when she finished licking her cake batter, she gave it a go.  But it was hard for her to get me from head to toe.  She did, however, enjoy running around in my boots. 
Fashionista at age 6 and a half. 

So, grand total on two shirts, one skirt and leather Nine West boots (how they got to France, I'm not sure!)... drumroll please... 17.50 euro bucks.  (That is not the official term.  But it should be.)

Now I swear I won't go back.  For a month. 

What is your clothes weakness?  Do you go to thrift stores?  Is that song in your head now?


I Say Oui said...

Nice! That’s funny that you have those dreams sometimes. I don’t often go to thrift stores, but when I do I enjoy it. There’s a store near Boston that I used to like to go to.

Holly Hollyson @ Full of Beans and Sausages said...

Love the boots and skirt combo! Really love the cat photobomb too :p love that I am not the only one with a little thrift store obsession!