Friday, August 29, 2014

Little Big Girl

Next Tuesday Juliette starts the equivalent of first grade.  In France it's called CP, for cours préparatoire.  I thought her first year of pre-school was going to be tough on me.  Seeing my little three-year old (at that time) go to school turned out to not be as excruciating as I had imagined (though my eyes did get moist!).  Now she's an old hat at this school thing.  But first grade is in a different school and now she'll be rubbing shoulders with much bigger kids.

Little one looking quite the star!
I'm already worrying about her attitude changing.  Lately she seems to be six going on 13 in terms of her tone.  I know it's just her age and that other kids in this age group are starting to backtalk and complain about not making decisions in their lives.  But it makes me think that the true teen years and especially the tween years are not far off.

I guess every generation says it, but kids do seem to be growing up super fast these days.  Blame it on TV, technology, our own attitudes, whatever.  Sometimes it seems childhood ends at 10 and girls face more pressure in terms of body image.  Seven-year olds worrying about their weight is not unheard of nowadays.  And I want to hold on to my little one as much, and as long, as I can.

So I cherish those hugs around my neck, though sometimes they pull my hair.  I smile to myself when she says hilarious things like, wouldn't it be cool if kids were born before the parents?  And I hope we've still got some good years of playing with her toys, if only because she's got so many of them! I'm relieved she still likes Disney shows and riding carousels. And I'll try to face every new challenge, and every inch she grows with courage and by being grateful that she's in my world.

Happy back to school time to parents, teachers, and of course, kids, all around!


Jenenz said...

Stay open and curious as your little girl grows up each day. Cherish the times that she still wants to play with you. Play games with her, read with her. We've been going through this as E has grown from child, teen, to young adult. We still have Sat. night board games together. We ask her to explain stuff to us that we don't know about because we are curious and it opens her up to sharing her world with us.

Your Little Big Girl is a gem and you're a wise and loving mom.

Michelle Couny said...

My big girl is starting CP too, although she doesn't have to change schools, so she knows the kids and her teacher etc.
Bonne rentrée, and yes fingers crossed they don't grow up too fast!!

Holly Nelson @ English Girl Canadian Man said...

Ahhh, but if she is anything like me she will be your little girl forever, like I am for my Mommy!

I Say Oui said...

I played with Barbies past the usual age-- maybe she will be like that too! :)

Also, I still love mom hugs.