Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wanted: Indian Summer

I'm sitting here looking at an anemic sky: some greyish clouds billowing around on white; there is sun sometimes but not much blue sky.  This September has been one of those partly sunny-partly cloudy deals.  Some days down-right chilly and rainy.  So I guess I must face facts, it IS autumn.  Tomorrow in fact.

So I've been a bit nostalgic about my summer and the good times we had.  Maybe because the weather was actually very summer-like (for once) and now the chillier air is quite a contrast. Allow me to indulge in some summer memories.

My new solar-powered lantern that comes on at night.
Strawberry wine and strawberries with sugar.

Enjoying a meal on the balcony.
And as you know, every year I go through some pre-Autumn depression. But this year I'm determined to make the best of things.  Setting goals and looking forward to things.  I'll let you know more later on just what (but I've got some ideas...).

Last Sunday we got out and did something to beat the blues- a little visit to the port city of Boulogne and its historic walled town center. 

We also ate at what had to be the worst restaurant in Boulogne in terms of service (s-l-ooooo-wwwww) and which boasted a very mediocre menu.  And one of the funniest menu translations I've ever seen!

Google translate at work, people.  Pavé is a piece of meat but they translated it as "paved", as there is also the verb paver (to pave).  Emincé should again be pieces of meat which are sliced thinly not simply "sliced thinly", and filet is the same word in English, but in French it can also mean a net, as in the net when you play tennis.  I should have seen it coming that this restaurant wasn't up to snuff by its menu alone! 

This weekend I'm just cleaning a bit (as Juliette's school friend and next-building neighbor has come to play) and tomorrow will be in-law visiting.  We're settling into our school and work routine and trying to go with the flow.

Here's wishing you a cozy and productive fall, y'all!


Crystal said...

Ugh, horribly translated menus/signs are such a pet peeve of mine! I'm sure most restaurants/shops could find at least ONE anglosaxon person to proofread before printing!

And I actually prefer the Autumn over the summer. But, then again I remember how grey the skies are in the north at this time (compared to here), so I understand where you are coming from.

Holly Nelson @ English Girl Canadian Man said...

I hate bad spelling on menus etc too! I also prefer autumn to summer and christmas to autumn, I just dont like Jan or Feb so much!

Jenenz said...

I didn't know the streets of France are paved with meat. What a sight that would be.

There is beauty all around you! Thanks for sharing the beauty.