Friday, April 27, 2012

Fairy godfather

This year has been tough.  I feel a bit like Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happiness (though of course I'm not spending my nights in subway stations) when he says "this part of my life is called running."  I don't feel like I've had much of a break since I started this degree program.  It's like you finish one thing (exam, lab practical, internship) only to jump into another project and looming deadline.  There's not much time to digest it all and relax.  The end is in sight (two months away) and I'm currently in the trenches of report writing. 

Luckily dad is visiting now, and as is always the case when family is here, I feel a little lighter and benefit from some much needed help.  He's been a real godsend this week since it's vacation time for the schools (but not me) and Juliette's daycare is closed.  So he's been playing babysitter and the two of them seem to be getting on well.  Unfortunately there have been some rainy days that have messed up their plans.  But he's certainly made this week easier for all of us, helping with dishes and meal prep, too.

Look at this great salad he made (with yummy goat cheese cubes and red wine to go with it):

Here he and Juju are watching animal videos:

I've got four days off now due to a long weekend so we can hopefully do something more than just make dinner while he's here. 

It was also my birthday Wednesday and Remi got me a lovely strawberry charlotte (I only pestered him a little to make sure he would have time to buy something cause he's insanely busy now, working seven days a week due to the spring rush in the greenhouse):

 No, your eyes do not deceive you, that's a 3 and an 8 on the cake. 

Hopefully the year of 38 will involve a lot less running and a lot more having fun. 

Happy birthday to my other Taurus peeps out there: Marnie, Ilona, Emma, Crystal, Becca, Amber, too, right?...You rock, girls! 


Jenenz said...

Your birthday week was filled with love, family, and the most beautiful cake I've ever seen. Enjoy the 30's. You still have a couple of years left. I predict the best is yet to come. Super star wish!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! I love the pic of your Dad with Juliette, so adorable!
Enjoy your 4 day weekend.

Crystal said...

Happy birthday fellow Taurus :) That cake looks delicious and I can't believe how much you look like your dad! (well, from the profile anyway).

Keep on truckin' and those 2 months will be over before you know it.