Sunday, March 11, 2012

Back to the grind...argghhh!

Sunday afternoon, the warmest and sunniest we've had in months, and I'm trying not to think about the nearly four months of exams and stress that await me. Internship is over and school starts back tomorrow. It's a mix of apprehension and excitement. Dread for the work that must be done, excitement that it's almost done and that the internship taught me new things. Just four months, even a bit less. I can do this thing, right?! I've got to. I've come this far, I must see it through.

It's just tough to put myself back into that routine I so nicely fell out of. Seven glorious weeks of sleeping slightly later, leaving a little later in the morning, spending next to nothing on gas, getting Juliette earlier from school. Not having to feel guilty if I spent an evening or weekend not reviewing my head off. Yeah, it's been nice! And I'm not exactly overjoyed to endure some of the immaturity in my class and the smoke-filled breaks outside, and, whoah, wait, let's try to stay positive about this thing!

Sometimes I keep thinking, "I'll be happy when..."
  • I finish my diploma
  • I get a stable job
  • my apartment is totally clean (like that will ever happen)
  • my closets are completely organized (will only happen if I get on one of those shows where the cleaning fairies come to my house)
  • we get a house I can decorate in my style...
You get the picture. I have gotten better at happiness in the moment, but I still keep that list of things I don't yet have in my head.

We did take time out this morning to see the zoo visit at the circus that's in town. And we got to see the rehearsal for free. Juliette had that look of pure child-like joy on her face and it was fun to see her get so excited about the animals. I know these next months will be tough, but I must vow to take time for my little wonder-muffin and my husband. Here are a few pics of our morning:

My eyes are closed here, but Juliette looks so happy!

Some nice memories to savor as I get back into the school groove.

Tell me when you think you'll be happy and how you cope with the waiting?


Jenenz said...

Thanks for asking the question. I'll be happy when I physically will feel better. I find that meditation at night helps me to keep grounded and positive about the future. On a side note, I will be happy when "they" get rid of Daylights savings time. We just had to turn the clocks forward one hour. I am happy for spring time. Yay for flowers!

Lindle said...

Juliette looks MORE than happy--she looks absolutely enthralled and delighted---that childhood thrill of something spectacular for the first time---what is it they say? "Priceless!"

Jenenz---sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. A special happiness is when we finally get relief from pain. Hope that happens for you soon.

I'll be happy when...
My students behave well ALL day, and not just for a few minutes at a time.
Summer comes
I can see my granddaughter and daughter Milam more than once a year
I can make myself start painting and drawing and not have work hanging over my head...

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos and had a little chuckle at the second cute! I see you all rugged up with a hat on like I have packed away and I feel jealous (in the nicest possible way) how i long to experience cold weather again!