Saturday, August 20, 2011

School girl

Lately all Juliette can talk about is school. Pre-school, in fact, but for her it is "'cool.". As in, "I'm going to 'cool.". Or " I want to go to 'cool. But it's closed today.". Even though she really doesn't know what school is, it seems like a happening place with all the hype we've been giving it.

For example, she knows she's got to be potty-trained to go to school. It's a rather pesky requirement here in France, and one that has nearly driven us nuts. Luckily when my mom was here we got Juju more into the habit of wearing underwear and learning to hold it in. Now she'll look at me earnestly and repeat what we've been saying to her: "I'm a big girl now. I wear underwear.". And if she sees me getting dressed she'll say that I'm a big girl, too, since I wear them, too. However, (FYI: TMI alert) she requests a diaper for number two. The doctor said this is a form of being trained in 30% of kids.

She's still not sure about napping in school, and if I say she can bring her stuffed animal for naptime she says she doesn't want him to get dirty.

I think she is going to like being with other kids and having so many activities. We're curious to see how her language development will go since we don't really hear her speaking French at home except in an occasional exchange with her baby dolls or when she pretends to be on the phone. The babysitter assures us Juliette does speak French. Strangely though she's even shy to use it with her French grandmother. It could be because Remi and I are there and we both represent English to her. Or that Remi's mom uses some English words. I caught Juliette saying "What the (h)eck is that?" the other day so her English slang is coming along nicely.

She's got her Tinkerbell backpack (which she sometimes wears out on our outings). Here you can see her showing it off. (When she says "talk like a little girl, Mommy," she means speak French. She has noticed I speaker higher in French and one time told me to stop talking like a little girl!)

She'll be in before- and after-school care since Remi and I will both have longer days this year. As I've said before this is going to be a busy year for us all. And with my school as well, Remi says he'll have two students at home.


Crystal said...

cute video! I love how she says "talk like a little girl mommy"...I've noticed that Max has a different pitch too when he speaks in English (as opposed to French). In a way, though, it will make it easier for JuJu to distinguish between the 2 languages as she grows.

Good luck with pre-school and big girl school for you M! :)

Amber said...

She is so gorgeous! I love her little voice!

Lindle said...

This one just makes me laugh everytime I watch it. She's becoming a real little girl herself. I think back on the videos you've posted where she could barely stand, and then she would applaud herself, "(Br)ava!" Now---look at her! Bouncing on the furniture, putting on her backpack, telling you what to say. Sniff...growing up.

Jenenz said...

Gotta have your backpack, that's when you know you're going to school! It's so valuable to have her interact with other kids. And she's bi-lingual, what a life skill to have. Does she still dance? I remember those videos of her dancing to the music.

What kind of backpack do you have for school?

Deidre said...

I can't imagine how challenging it would be potty train a little one. my nephew used to not want to take time out to go to the bathroom while he was playing...but he'd say "Shhhh" to my sister in law when he had to pee. And she'd pick him up and rush him to the bathroom!

Rebecca said...

I cannot believe she is as grand as she is, and I suppose it's so as my own is growing just as fast. What would we do without our little girls? Milam, she's a true doll, and her English is wonderful! Well done, and Thanks from a stateside ESOL teacher.