Thursday, July 7, 2011

First week

I'm trying out the BlogWriter app on my iPod. No wifi at school but I can type it and publish later. School's ok so far. The other ten students are nice. I'm not the oldest, but a good number of my fellow students are 24. I've had classes in computer technology and economics. Today we've started learning about the new labelling system for chemicals in the lab.

It's weird to be back in a school environment. I think I'm enjoying it but I'm afraid to be hasty. I feel that this was a good decision because I find the subjects interesting for the most part. A nice moment was eating lunch in the grass with the others. Reminded me of my college days. I'm trying to remember that I'm lucky to have the opportunity to go back to school.

Of course, it's a transition for me. I wish I could get home earlier. I try to make the most of my few hours with Juju in the evening. I can feel I'm missing her already. My curly-topped girl is such a joy to me. I think she knows it. Remi takes her in the morning and he's helping out with some more chores since my home time is more limited.

We've just got to hang on for this year.


Jenenz said...

I'm glad the first week went well. It helps that you're enjoying the subjects. It's wonderful to learn new things and meet new people. Yay!

Crystal said...

yay for back to school! I know these first few weeks are going to be difficult as everyone adjusts to a new routine, but I hope you can count on Rémi to help you out more and on Juliette to be understanding that Mommy is tired and needs some quiet when she comes home!

But you've survived in France this long...I'm sure you'll do just fine (and probably enjoy learning in the process!)


Anonymous said...

your post sounded very tentative and a little sad. Take things one day at a time Mil, don't put too much pressure on yourself. thinking of you! biz