Friday, July 9, 2010

My house elf and I

Sometimes I feel like Juliette is a house elf. In reference to the little creatures in Harry Potter who are probably just about her height, have huge eyes and dream of having a sock thrown their way. Because that means they are free from their masters. I think this because for a while (and she’s not completely out of the phase), she was wild about taking socks or pairs of underwear off the drying rack and putting them around her neck. It didn’t matter that they were still wet, she had to put a slew of them on her. It must be part of her trying to dress herself and be more independent.

She also likes putting things on her head in general. Like bloomers or handkerchiefs. I think I gave her the idea for the latter. She looks so cute with stuff on her head. I think she must be a “hat person”. Put something on her head, even just a handkerchief, and it transforms her from rumble tumble baby to Bohemian princess baby.

Another similarity with the house elf is her sometimes willingness to help out with little chores. Because she sees me doing it so much she has learned to put up the laundry on the rack, too (not sooo much now with the dryer, but from time to time). Though if I don’t watch her the result is not always what I’m looking for. She’s still into using the dustpan, though I discourage her since it is dirty. And when she feels like it, she’ll actually help clean up her toys (usually after a few stern warnings and visits to the corner).

Yes, the terrible twos are around the corner for my house elf. Dr. Spock says it’s a bit of a misnomer because two can be a wonderful age of discovery and fun as this little person develops. And it’s true that I find myself reminiscing as I go to bed about what she’s done that day, even if there were lots of tantrums. The words she tried to say, the laughs and smiles. I love to see her stretch that little body when I wake her up on weekday mornings. She’s still small but her size belies her already very strong personality. This house elf knows what she wants and how to play with her masters/parents.

Just make sure there’s an endless supply of socks and washcloths and we’ll be ok.


Crystal said...

I love that photo of her with the dish rag on her head. She's so beautiful. And you know what's funny? My parents tell me I was the same way as a toddler...I put everything on my head including my dad's baseball caps, clothes, and kitchen containers. Now, I can't stand wearing anything up there (must be afraid of messing up my hair).

Hope you are managing in this sticky heat!

Jenenz said...

I wonder if she'll get into the "shoe" phase? Elizabeth and my cousin were both fascinated by wearing adult shoes. Both were about 3 - 5 years old and would try on anybody's shoes. Didn't matter if it was men's or women's, they'd put their little feet into the shoes and walk around the house with them.

They look cute wearing anything!

Lindle said...

She really has reached "house-elf stage," where she becomes obsessive about cleaning. She would fight with me over a babywipe, which--when done with her hands and feet-became the house-wipe. I say, "Let her go and have fun with it." If it all becomes a game for her, you'll have a merry little maid of your own.
You are right--between 2 and 4 years of age, it can be rough. They need something new everyday to satisfy that hungry curiosity. And it is an endearing time too, as you see them struggle to emulate you.
Now as for wearing daddy's underwear....she's watching too much Lady Gaga, methinks.
Way too cute!

Arif Ammar said...
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ellie said...

Maybe she will love hats! I used to wear my winter shirts on my head when I was her age. My mom says I wanted hair. I didn't have any until I was almost 4.