Saturday, July 4, 2009

Your moment of baby zen

Some might say there's not much going on in this video. It starts out on its side, just bear with me. It just makes me smile to see how chattery she is and her interaction with Chat, whose fur makes a brief appearance. More about him later. He's really starting to become overweight. And what's with the peeing on the bathroom floor again?


Lindle said...

How precious!!!! She sounds soooo French too! She loves that cat--she's going to find some disappointment with Kita--the contrary cat. Kita will run and run and run away!

Anonymous said...

Dear Milam,
Those EYES!!!! How expressive and clesr they are. Can't wait to see how Juliette reacts to Bella. She will love her tail!
Please have a great trip. I hope Juliette enjoys her first plane ride.
See you real soon.