Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bath time

A video she'll probably kill us for putting on the Internet one day. You can hear Remi urging her to play or do something video-worthy. EVERYTHING she does is video-worthy!


Jessamyn said...

Oh, so precious! And hey, we all have those embarrassing childhood shots. I have the pictures with me and Christopher in the tub.

Juliette is such a cutie splashing around... can't wait to hold her again!

Lindle said...

Water girl! She is clearly loving that bath. Now she needs water toys. Bathtime will become one of her favorite things.
Enjoyed talking to you and hearing her lovely voice in the background today. Our love for her only grows and grows.
Splash away, bebe!

Jenenz said...

A wonderful bath-worthy moment. Enjoyed hearing Remi's encouraging words to baby. What kind of bath toys does she like?

Lola said...

Adorable baby and she seems to love the water. Get her a ducky so she can play. Can't wait to see that precious girl, counting the days. Grandma