Tuesday, July 8, 2008

room transformation

It's not even 6:30 a.m. and I'm blogging and checking emails. Just couldn't sleep anymore. Husband is still in bed though. Chat is convalescing in his basket. Tried to give him a bit of those pain meds but some of the syringe contents are on the side of his basket. Perhaps I've got a bit of that nesting syndrome they say expecting women can get. My head is rather a-buzz with things I want to do today- mostly on the order of organizing, cleaning, writing. Part of me doesn't want bébé to come until I've finished my mental lists. Plus that barbeque Sunday.

As I mentioned, we put that crib together Sunday. In fact it was easier than the shelf system. And no major fights! I told my husband that Ikea must have tested the assembly of the crib to see if it could go quickly and pain-free since there could be frantic fathers doing it after their babies have arrived. He wondered if they tested it on American girls, too. Ha ha.

We put up this mobile my friend lent me but it seemed too low. So I put a teddy bear in there to simulate baby's position to see if it would knock her head. My husband then practiced picking "baby" up. Hand supporting the neck and butt, he asked? Umm, yes, I think so, I answered, trying to sound convincing myself. Later I showed him the part of Dr. Spock's baby book which says babies aren't as frail as they seem.

I catch him later listening to the mobile music. He prefers the little toy he bought that plays "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star". Something about the cute tinny music gets to me sometimes and I get teary. So husband says perhaps the crib is for me and that baby should sleep in the real bed! I think he's feeling more like a papa-to-be lately. He keeps looking at my belly and saying, "you're a little pregnant there."

Yesterday the doctor asked us if we wanted to induce next week. Kind of shocked us as she's not due for another 3 weeks! I think honestly they're having a bit of a backlog at the hospital. The midwife said recently that the delivery rooms are always full. So maybe they figure by inducing some they can set their own timetable. But my husband and I would rather just wait (but not too long). Plus, that's two weeks less of diapers, Mr. Logical added.

We'll see.

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