Saturday, June 7, 2008

another week for a TV junkie

This week was a doozy. Thirty-one hours of teaching (counting those breaks when the students do an exercise, thank god!). Not sure if I will be able to physically carry on a few extra weeks as I'd wished to do. That would allow me to stay home longer with bébé, but I might just be too tired to keep working beyond the official maternity leave date.

On nights when I am beat (and, heck, just about any other night, for that matter), hubby and I are are likely to park ourselves in front of the TV. I know we should vary our evenings a bit more, plus try to disconnect from TV more often. But when we're both barely able to sit up after a long day, we don't feel like a game of Scrabble or a heavy political discussion. We feel like watching House (or Dr. House as the French have for some unknown reason dubbed it). After watching about two seasons of it, all dubbed in French, unfortunately, we've come to see that this show pretty much follows the same pattern. I'll give you an example:

Telegenic person presents with strange symptoms- passing out in the middle of public event is the most popular. He or she is admitted and diagnosed with common disease X at the same time as the staff tries to rule out cancer. They treat the patient which relieves then aggravates symptoms. They come up with a second more obscure diagnosis. But this new diagnosis will probably require said patient to reveal infidelity, homosexuality or put their unborn's child life in danger. Or the doctors go searching this person's house and just happen to find some tiny clue which leads them to the real cause of the symptoms, e.g. the fact that their toothpaste is too old.

All that said, I do like the show a lot, and along with my other télérendezvous of the week, it helps me get by. We'll soon be approaching the summer wasteland of TV programming, so I'd better get my fill in.

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