Monday, May 12, 2008

Spring has sprung!

I’ve been waxing poetic in my head these past few weeks soaking up all the spring sensations. We've been having gorgeous blue-sky days where it's actually hot! A few weekends ago we went to a local forest where there were thousands of wild hyacinths in bloom. A lavender blue carpet that in fact reminded me of pictures I’ve seen of the lavender fields in Provence. And as I drive to work I get glimpses of bright yellow, almost fluorescent fields of oil seed rape plants (what they use to make canola oil). That along with the newfound lush green on the trees, and it’s a delight for the eyes.

The greenhouse has come alive too with all those spring flowers like marigolds and geraniums. The hubby's working seven days a week and sometimes spends 4 hours a day just watering. I've made my window boxes and now just have to keep them alive. Chat-chat’s enjoying himself on the occasional trips to the balcony (I keep an eye on him though). He seems to sleep a little better having gotten some “outside” time. I can't say the same for us since our apartment faces south and we have no a/c!

So I forgot to write on May 1st, which was Labor Day in France and most of Europe. It’s the day people offer a few flowers of lily-of-the-valley to each other for good luck. Since it involves flowers, you can guess that the husband and I had to get up early (6:15) on this national day off so we could eat breakfast, etc. and drive to the greenhouse to help wrap up flowers. I've included a picture so you can get your own dose of good luck.

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